Manager check up

Health – Check up for managers – preventive care for managers & employees

Check-up as prevention
Detect diseases at an early stage
Ensure efficiency

Aim of the check-up

Promote health, maintain workforce, increase performance and motivation.

Employer advantages

Reduction of absenteeism and fluctuation, loyalty to the company, attractive additional benefits.

Career without risk

Identify health risks in good time, create a preventive concept, take action.

Notice: Some examinations are performed by our team of specialists.

Complete check-up

For companies & businesses (executives and employees), private patients or even as a self-pay service, I offer a complete check-up examination. Nowadays, with increasing professionalization and specialization, the physical demands on managers and employees are also increasing. Cardiovascular diseases rank first in the disease statistics in Germany and should not be underestimated in economic terms. In my practice, it is possible for companies or businesses to have private health screenings done on their own initiative. The primary aim is to detect illnesses at an early stage and to protect and maintain the ability to work.

Protect and preserve workforce …

Healthy, productive employees are the foundation of a successful company. I offer the “Manager Checkup” in close cooperation with my cooperating physicians. Our cooperation, in addition to me as an experienced general practitioner, consists of various specialists, a specialist in ophthalmology, an ear, nose and throat specialist, two cardiologists and an experienced pneumologist. I offer a customized health check-up by appointment. Here, the main focus is on early detection of pulmonary, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Individual health counseling is provided according to available results. Upon request, I will prepare a so-called findings report. Finally, risks and appropriate measures are discussed.

Scope of services

  • Physical examination/check-up
  • Cancer screening of the prostate gland in men
  • extensive laboratory tests
  • Spirometry (lung function measurements)
  • ECG and ergometry (exercise ECG)
  • Sonography of the abdomen and thyroid gland
  • Doppler sonography of the neck vessels for the detection of arteriosclerosis* (vascular calcification)
  • instrumental measurement of peripheral arterial blood flow*

* Two of numerous markers used to determine risk for the occurrence of heart attacks, among other things.

Notes for entrepreneurs & private patients

Note for entrepreneurs


Up to an allowance of 500 euros per year per employee, benefits provided by the employer for workplace health promotion in addition to wages/salary are tax-free (Section 3 No. 34 EStG).

If the annual maximum amount of 500 euros is exceeded, it must be examined whether the excess amount is a measure in the employer’s own predominant interest that does not lead to remuneration.
In this case, these expenses are also tax-free. Please understand that we are only allowed to pass on health-related examination data to the employee who has taken advantage of the preventive care.

Note for private patients


As a rule, the complete preventive examination is covered by private health insurance. You can, of course, find out in advance from your private insurance company whether the complete examination on just one day is fully covered by your individual insurance policy.

for entrepreneurs


As a business owner or entrepreneur, show that you care about the health and well-being of your employees.

Increase motivation and retention. They thus offer employees an attractive additional benefit,
which creates an additional incentive in addition to the salary or other bonuses. At the same time you also get the
Health and the workforce of your employees through the early detection of
health risk factors and diseases. Do not hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to advise you.

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